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heyoka ha scritto: 28 gen 2021, 17:26
Chissà perchè, ogni volta che qualcuno cita un bel pensiero come questo, mi viene sempre il sospetto che quel pensiero sia indirizzato agli altri e non a se stesso. Naturalmente questo vale anche per me.
Crazy Horse, non mi ciurlare il manico...

Li vuoi i nostri redditi (compreso il tuo) spiattellati in prima pagina, e consultabili in mondo visione?

GUARDIAN: Norway, the country where you can see everyone's tax returns


"... Would you be happy to have your tax return displayed for everyone to see? In Norway, no one can disguise their earnings, as every citizen’s is made available for everyone else in the country to inspect. Workers can see what their colleagues earn and neighbours can snoop on how much the people next door make - all legally and online.

On a date every year in October, just after midnight, Norwegian citizens’ annual tax returns are posted online - and the country’s Norwegian newspapers leap to produce top ten lists of the country’s highest earners, the incomes and taxes paid by the political and cultural elites, celebrities and sportspeople.

There is just one caveat, introduced in 2014. If you are wondering quite how your neighbour can afford that Porsche, and take a look online on Skatteetaten - Norway’s equivalent to HMRC - he will be sent an email telling you have been checking on him. Since the new rule came in, the number of requests has fallen considerably..." (CONTINUA NEL LINK)